Garibaldi Express for DAZ Studio is no longer available. No more paid or free licenses will be issued.
This website remains for archive purposes only.


Garibaldi Express is the complete professional hair solution for DAZ Studio.

Offering cutting-edge features that rival the most advanced hair generation software available, Garibaldi Express redefines what is possible with entry level 3D graphics software. Designed from the ground up to offer powerful yet easy tools to let anyone create breathtaking hair and fur quickly. Let your imagination run free don’t be restricted by your software.

In just six simple steps to create amazing hair and fur results. Here is some of the feature highlights:


Complete control with garibaldi’s build in 3D paint engine. Just simply paint on to your characters surface to control almost any aspect of the garibaldi hair system. From where on the surface the hair grows, to the hair colour, where to add more clumps and frizz to your fur and many others. Adding spectacular variation is so easy.

Based around familiar paint brush tool settings with additional geometry masking features painting is completely intuitive. For though fine details and advanced effects quickly export and import textures from your favourite image manipulation application for full control.

Distribute and Colour:


Styling many thousands of hairs can seem a daunting task but with Garibaldi’s style curves and unique smooth interpolation technology even the most complex results are quickly possible.

The right tool for every job...

  • Use the comb brush to quickly comb or stretch style curves into place. Don’t worry about accidentally moving the wrong curve to the wrong place with geometry occlusion and intersection technology, only move curves you can see to places on the outside of your character.
  • Need to change the length of style curves then choose the right tool for the job with the interactive cut brush or scale and extend tools.
  • No need to start from scratch with curl and surface attraction tools to quickly add or remove style to your hair.
  • Take full control with custom curve selection masking, save and load selection masks to exactly direct your edits to the areas you want.
  • Remove guess work from the equation add those perfect final touches with the curve vertex editing tool.


One of the most important parts of realistic creation of hair and fur is simulating the way individual hair strands interact with each other to create hair clumps. Garibaldi offers interactive advanced multi layered clumps with full control of amount, strength and style with the simplicity of value sliders and control texture maps.


Garibaldi automates the time consuming task of adding fine details with professional quality fractal noises that can used to add detailed scraggle and frizz to almost any aspect of your garibaldi hair style. Finish your hair styling with hair length variation to add realistic feathering to your hair.


Feature breakdown: