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‘Garibaldi Express’ for ‘DAZ Studio’ is now Freeware!

As a thank you for all the ‘Garibaldi Express’ users and there support we are excited to announce that we are making the full version of ‘Garibaldi Express’ for ‘DAZ Studio’ free to download.

‘Garibaldi Express’ is a fun, easy, but hugely powerful introduction to the professional hair and fur grooming process that have now become ubiquitous in high end movie Visual Effects and Feature Animations.
By using ‘Garibaldi Express’ it is a great way to get a fast insight of how may expensive high end or proprietary hair grooming Systems operate.

When ‘DAZ Studio’ moved to using ‘nVidia Iray’ as it’s main renderer DAZ did not provide a programming interface to access its features. As Garibaldi can not use ‘Iray’ it’s usefulness was dramatically reduced in the DAZ ecosystem.

A successful prototype of ‘Garibaldi Express’ was produced that dynamically converted ‘Garibaldi Express’ data to DAZ polygonal geometry at render time for use with ‘Iray’, but DAZ becomes very unstable with very complex geometry data meaning this approach was unfortunately not viable.

In addition ‘Garibaldi Express’ currently does not currently support the newer DAZ Genesis 3 and 8 based models. The earlier Genesis 1 and 2 as well as most other animals and characters will work correctly.

Even though ‘Garibaldi Express’ for ‘DAZ Studio’ is unlikely to be updated in the near future we are aware that there is still interest in the product and wanted to make sure people had a ‘legal’ way to enjoy it.

‘Garibaldi Express’ for ‘DAZ Studio’ is provided with the following restrictions:

  • It must be downloaded from the ‘' website. No unauthorised redistribution of the product is allowed.
  • No support is provided by the developers in it’s use.
  • The existing software ‘End user license agreement’ still applies.

Thank you again for support of ‘Garibaldi Express’

The Garibaldi Team.