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Window Layout


'Garibaldi Express' uses a series of separate 'workspaces' or 'rooms' that break up the various tasks involved in creating hair into different areas. These workspaces can be accessed using the buttons in the top right of the Garibaldi editor window. The different workspaces can be entered at any time, but are arranged that when creating a hair style from scratch they would be normally selected in order left to right.


Welcome Workspace

This splash screen welcomes the user to garibaldi and gives clickable web links for quick access to useful web pages on the garibaldi web site. The web pages will be opened in the computers default web browser.


Setup Workspace

The Setup workspace lets you select the Daz surfaces of the character geometry that will be used to spawn hair from. Facilities are also supplied to update the cached reference pose the character geometry is used to make edits with.

The Setup Workspace Manual


Paint Workspace

Gives access to Garibaldi’s built in 3D paint engine. Just simply paint on to your characters surface to control almost any aspect of the garibaldi hair system. From where on the surface the hair grows, to the hair colour, where to add more clumps and frizz to your fur and many others. Makes adding detailed variation is easy.

The Paint Workspace Manual


Distribute Workspace

Use this workspace to quickly specify where and how much hair to add to your character with seamlessly even follicle distribution.

Also add hair colouring with base and tip colour texture maps. Add controllable root darkening and hair strand colour salt and peppering for that professional quality look.

The Distribute Workspace Manual


Style Workspace

Use the styling workspace to quickly create and edit styling curves that are interpolated to generate your hair styles hair strands. Garibaldi uses unique smooth interpolation technology and


Clump Workspace

One of the most important parts of realistic creation of hair and fur is simulating the way individual hair strands interact with each other to create hair clumps. 'Garibaldi Express' offers interactive advanced multi layered clumps with full control of amount, strength and style with the simplicity of value sliders and control texture maps. Almost in all circumstances hair and fur has a natural tendency to stick together to some extent or clump. The majority of these phenomenon can be simulated using the in the garibaldi clumping workspace.

The Clump Workspace Manual


Tweak Workspace

Garibaldi automates the time consuming task of adding fine details with professional quality fractal noises that can used to add detailed scraggle and frizz to almost any aspect of your garibaldi hair style. Finish your hair styling with hair length variation to add realistic feathering to your hair.

The Tweak Workspace Manual



The navigation UI overlay
Additional Navigation Tool Buttons

Global Settings

Using the 'Global Settings' tab the global settings for the Garibaldi editor can be changed. Many of these settings are important to the performance of user interaction with the Garibaldi Editor.


Display Settings

The following settings are related to what and how things are displayed in the Garibaldi editor. Changing these settings can dramatically change the performance of interacting with interface elements but also reduce quality.

Show ToolTip Help

When the mouse pointer is left hovering over interface elements for a short time an interactive help window know as a tooltip is shown. When not toggled the tooltip windows will not be shown.

Show Navigation Overlay

The navigation overlay is the user interface element in the top right of the garibaldi editor viewport. The navigation overlay contains interactive elements for the navigation of the camera view. When not toggled the Navigation Overlay will not be shown.

Show Frames Per Second

Shows the frames per second user interface element in the lower right of the garibaldi editor viewport. The Frame per second value display is based on the time the previous draw of the OpenGL garibaldi editor viewport took. When not toggled the Frames Per Second readout will not be shown.


This menu allows the level of antialiasing to be altered or disabled completely. Antialiasing can improve the visual draw quality of hair stands dramatically. Increasing the antialiasing level on modern graphic cards may have minimal performance implications but on older graphics cards or low end graphics chipsets disabling antialiasing may improve performance dramatically.

Use OpenGL Wait

When toggled garibaldi will wait for the OpenGL drawing to be fully completed before allowing new user interface interactions. In the majority of cases it is heverly advised this should be toggled active.

Use OpenGL vSync (Restart)

When toggled active, very high frame rates are throttled and synced with display refreshes, this removes the possibility of 'screen tearing'. When activated performance may be negatively affected. Changes require a restart of Daz Studio.

Use OpenGL Shaders

When toggled off only fixed pipeline OpenGL functionality will be used and available, this may result in reduced draw quality and unavailability of some functionality. Then toggled active some older graphics cards and chipsets which are not optimised for shader usage performance may be affected negatively.


Background Settings

The following options allow the customisation of the Garibaldi editor's viewport background.


The colour used predominately_at_the lower part of the Garibaldi editor viewport which will blend with the tip colour setting toward the upper part of the viewport.


The colour used predominately_at_the upper part of the Garibaldi editor viewport which will blend with the base colour setting toward the lower part of the viewport.


The optional texture that is tiled to the background of the Garibaldi editor viewport. Using the menu the following options are available:

  • None
  • Wood
  • Shattered (default)
  • Cardboard


Painting Settings

The following are options that control elements of both the paint brush tool in the paint workspace and the the bush tools such as the Comb and Cut tools in the Style workspace.

Depth Buffer

Sets the sample amount for the depth buffer used with the 'Mask Hidden Surfaces' option in brush based tools. An increased sampling amount will increase brush value projection onto the geometry surfaces but requires more system resources.


Memory Settings

The following options control memory usage and options to limit the memory used by the Garibaldi editor.

Memory Usage Limiting

The amount of memory lower than your systems hardware limit Garibaldi is allowed to use when editing.

Limit Clearance

If memory limiting is active during editing with the Garibaldi editor.

Undo Limit

The about of Undo and Redo operations that can be undertake. A larger about will require more system resources. On systems with a limited amount of resources a lower value is recommended.