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The Setup workspace lets you select the Daz surfaces of the character geometry that will be used to spawn hair from. Facilities are also supplied to update the cached reference pose the character geometry is used to make edits with.


The following describes the settings of the setup workspace that allow the activation of character geometry surfaces that will be used to spawn hair from and to update the character geometry pose from Daz studio.

Available Surfaces

Available Surface Settings.

A list of the available character geometry surfaces is shown here from the geometry set in the Garibaldi node's 'Fit To' property.

The surfaces shown in the list can be activated to allow hair to be spawn from them. Activated surfaces will appear orange in the viewport preview.

Surfaces can be activated or deactivated at any time during the processing of editing a hair style. It is recommended that the minimal surfaces required to spawn hair in the required areas is selected, activating more surfaces may use more system resources.

To activate or deactivate a surface the checkbox to the left of a surfaces label can be checked or unchecked, alternately surfaces in the list can be selected and used in conjunction with the buttons below the list to activate and deactivate the surfaces.

Update Surfaces

Update Surfaces Settings.

The reference pose of the character geometry used in the Garibaldi editor to style hair on can be updated by pressing the update surfaces button. This can be useful if hair needs to be edited to fit a pose or morph better.

Also not that the placement of the hair in the Daz viewport and renders will update automatically independent of the reference pose used in the Garibaldi editor.

Update Style Rotations

When this option is toggled active the rotation of the garibaldi style curves updated in respect to the character geometry surface orientation at the style curves root. The style curves is translated so the curve roots stay in the same position on the character surface geometry irrespective to if this option is toggled.

In normal circumstances this option would be toggled active.